Fast News Friday #14

Foxtrot Papa

In this week’s Fast News Friday, we go back to the future with a Mercedes concept EV inspired by the past, lament Land Rover’s refusal to build a pick up Defender and learn more about the long-range EV experience care of Autocar’s Jim Holder. This and much much more below…

1. Mercedes are going back to the future, literally.

This week, Mercedes revealed a ‘new’ electric concept car that sadly, is unlikely to make it into production. Known as the Vision Mercedes Simplex Concept, it celebrates the first modern car (from Mercedes, of course) which was produced in 1901. According to Mercedes, it offers a glance forward to the future of Mercedes EV design by looking back 118 years to the first example of modern ICE motoring. Which makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

2. The Defender Land Rover refuses to build

We love a pick-up, here at Foxtrot Papa. In fact, we helped Ford of Europe launch the new Ranger Raptor in sunny Morocco earlier this year. Land Rover on the other hand, if you believe the hype in this article from Carr Buzz, is struggling to see the value in selling its brand new Defender in mud-plugging flat-bed form. Product strategy aside, there’s no denying the rugged appeal from a visual perspective, especially when you consider just how many Defender pick-ups of old were snapped up in the past.

3. The second Ford vs Ferrari movie trailer has landed, and it’s epic

The blockbuster movie that Petrolheads all over the world have been waiting for tells the story of how Ford took on Ferrari at Le Mans in the mid 1960s. Released in cinemas on 15 November, Ford vs Ferrari sees Matt Damon star as Carroll Shelby whilst Christian Bale plays Ford’s key driver Ken Miles. Hit the link to enjoy the second official trailer, but beware, it contains spoilers of both kinds—automotive and movie!

4. 800 miles in one week… in an EV

Is range anxiety still a thing? What would life be like with an EV? Can you go on a family driving holiday with an EV? What do you do with yourself while it’s charging? The answers to these questions, and many more, are provided in this fantastic piece of journalism by Autocar’s Jim Holder. If you’re interested in how EVs are shaping the future of the automotive industry, be sure to check out our Electric Is Now report when it launches on the 3rd of October. 

5. Top Gear’s Chris Harris calls for ‘another Elise moment’

This week’s ‘tweet of the week’ comes from Top Gear’s Chris Harris, who called upon the likes of McLaren and Lotus to deliver another game-changing ‘Elise moment,’ after ruminating on ‘the impact that car made in 1996.’ Here in the FP office, we couldn’t agree more. In fact, those of us who have been lucky enough to get up close and personal with Lotus’ new Evija, would argue that the moment is already here…

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