The unstoppable Transit Trail & Active launch

At a glance

  • 30 brand new Transits
  • 8 modular wall displays
  • 25 litres of hand gel
  • 250 individually packaged press boxes
  • 2,500 "sanitised" door seal stickers
  • 4.5 metric tonnes of simulated cargo

The Brief:

Nothing stops the capable new Ford Transit Trail and Transit Active series, so we needed to rethink an adaptable, impactful and Covid-conscious event format to bring this launch to life no matter what.

The Work:

When our best laid plans needed adjusting due to the Covid-19 pandemic and associated travel and gathering restrictions, Ford looked to us to very quickly transform the original creative thinking into an adaptable and mobile touring roadshow.

The set dressing challenge was clear: bold, impactful, but venue agnostic and easy to reassemble and position at each event in the best possible configuration.

The solution: full size but modular wall panels, complete with setup tutorials. These panels were designed to flow in any combination needed, to work in any room layout, with options for presentation screens and mounted key hooks.

To keep our press materials as sanitised as possible, but still premium, they were pre-cleaned and sealed into individual gift boxes containing everything the guests needed including a whole suite of digital assets for use in their articles.

This roadshow delivered socially-distanced and covid-secure drive events in the UK and Germany before heading off to further activations in other European markets.

The Impact:

A striking and professional finish that was highly flexible and cost effective. Our solutions enabled our clients to resume small, controlled media launches at a time when extra pressure is being mounted on positive coverage, sales targets and budget efficiency.

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