The MegaLaunch of the all-new Ford Puma

At a glance

  • Over 400 guests
  • 16 live event days
  • 2 inflatable unicorns
  • 125 oranges
  • Over 2000 servings of paella
  • Over 3100 printed assets

The Brief:

When you have an award-winning vehicle jam-packed with innovations like the MegaBox, we needed to deliver a media launch event as equally full of clever surprises.

On the winding hills of Malaga, our guests were treated to new delights at every turn.

The Work:

This all-new car deserved all-new thinking for how to deliver events at every touch point.

What if we made the key handover cabin feel like a VIP lounge?

What if their briefing pack was designed to look like opening the car boot?

What if the guest take-away gift was actually hidden waiting in the MegaBox for them?

We could even make mini films showing a little swimming pool or a golf course hole in the MegaBox?

Then how about we split the presentations in two, with a “lean in” technical briefing happening in intimate groups over lunch, saving the evening for a relaxed “lean back” design show?

And if we built an extra unexpected venue for the evening show, like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia?

What if we put the car floating on a pool surrounded be a massive curved LED wall?

Could we make the car reveal look like the silk magically disappears by itself?

And what if the dinner was a food festival, rather than a formal sit-down meal?

Working closely with all the Ford teams involved, these “what ifs” became stunning reality for a launch like no other.

The Impact:

When you rethink all these touch points, the whole mood of the event can change. The guests feel more personally engaged, more relaxed, more entertained. The message was clear and consistent – this new vehicle is worth shouting about. And the media did shout! For example, AutoTrader called it a “cracking little car… one that I would definitely consider buying myself”. What Car? gave it 5 stars and awarded it the prestigious Car of the Year 2020. And for the launch itself? A new precedent has been set. Watch this space to see how these ideas are driving our thinking for the future.

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