Celebrating the last V8 F-TYPE

At a glance

  • 1 fact-finding research trip to the engine manufacturing centre
  • 14 components considered at heights & angles stage
  • 8 taken forward to shoot for real
  • 6 images made up the final set

The Brief

This year sees the release of a revised special edition Jaguar F-TYPE – cars which feature the very last V8 engines to be fitted to Jaguar sports cars, before the all-electric range arrives in 2025.

To celebrate this, Jaguar asked us to create a set of intriguing, abstract images of various parts of the engine components, treating them as pieces of art.

The Work

Foxtrot Papa teamed up with visionary photographer and artist, Rick Guest, to bring the V8’s individual components to life with a vibrant and premium lighting treatment. For each image, the aim was to capture the power and sense of scale of the part. It was also important for each piece to appear heroic and stealthy. The overall effect was a striking set of imagery.

The Impact

The suite of engine images were released with press information that ran over PR and social media platforms.

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