Making an impact – launching three new Jaguar models via fast-paced CGI films

At a glance

  • 3 CGI films
  • 3 vehicles
  • 1 minute edits
  • 45 features shown
  • 3 campaign look and feels

The Brief

To launch three newly updated models – F-PACE, XF and E-PACE – Jaguar needed films that would communicate all of the new features succinctly. The films needed to demonstrate its fearlessly creative nature and attract new buyers.

The requirement was that these films would have a truly global appeal, translate easily in all markets and deliver high levels of engagement on social platforms.

The Work

We created three high-energy films, designed to keep viewers engaged whilst showcasing as many features as possible in 60 seconds.

We covered an array of technology, design and sustainability messages, showing the key features with a visual dynamism alongside with punchy captions.

Using CGI meant that we could fly around the vehicles quickly and we weren’t hampered by filming limitations. We could zoom in and around the vehicle, pass through the roof and windows, and go inside headlights and screens. We were able to explore exciting transitions and camera moves – bringing a new perspective to the vehicles.

We wanted current and prospective customers to see Jaguar in a new light and to do this we built an identity for each vehicle. Whilst they are all true Jaguar’s – premium and luxurious with cutting edge technology – they all have very different characteristics and audiences.

We created a unique tone, look and feel and environment for each vehicle. Supported by a suite of specially composed music tracks, everything was carefully considered to amplify the cars’ different personalities.

XF: This car is all about style – it suits a minimal and modernist environment, muted colour palette and slow camera pans that highlight its sleek design.

F-PACE: This versatile, dynamic and sporty SUV is best showcased by using creative compositions and sweeping camera moves. We displayed it in an urban environment, with warmer tones and powerful music showing it’s a serious city contender.

E-PACE: This film was designed to attract a new, younger generation to Jaguar. With a fun, uplifting tone, this film is vibrant and colourful, whilst ensuring that the premium nature of the vehicle is still at the fore.

All 3 films were designed to excite and educate in equal measure – and they certainly do just that.

The Impact

Following a very positive initial reaction to the films on social platforms, they have now been widely used in all local markets. The various look and feel packages that we created for each model influenced all launch materials, including press kits and infographics.

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