Launching the new Jaguar F-PACE with an innovative flow motion film


At a glance

  • 1 global launch film
  • 3 shoots
  • 4 locations
  • 8 months of production
  • 100k+ views

The Brief:

To launch the new 21MY Jaguar F-PACE, we were tasked with creating a unique and dynamic launch film.

Previously World Car of the Year, Jaguar needed a film that would build on that success and showcase the car’s new features including the luxurious all-new interior and dynamic exterior.

We teamed up with the BAFTA award-winning Director, Rob Whitworth, to create a mesmerising flow motion film showcasing the car’s versatility and global appeal.

The Work:

The film, titled ‘The World of F-PACE’ aims to take the viewer on a journey with the vehicle. The innovative flow motion technique allowed us to show a variety of locations, terrains and climates, all in 60 seconds. Family activities, on- and off-road, leisure pursuits, technical insights and contrasting location references were all included.

The filming technique meant that the storyboard had to be incredibly detailed and meticulously planned – every shot had to flow seamlessly to the next.

A film of many parts, we planned to take the F-PACE to four locations – the first stop being the USA.   

San Francisco gave us an iconic metropolis that contrasted well with the winding mountain roads of Lake Tahoe. The snow and rocky terrain were essential to really highlight the F-PACE’s capability. 

We filmed the final scenes in London and Henley-on-Thames, using a real family to prove the F-PACE is the perfect family SUV following covid related travel bans which required hasty rewrites to the original plan.

An automotive first, this film puts the car’s features in the spotlight and showcases its true beauty. We hope you’ll agree that it’s a highly engaging film and a fitting tribute to the global launch of the new Jaguar F-PACE.

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