Jaguar, Life with My I-PACE – a snapshot of daily life as an EV driver


At a glance

  • 3 days filming in Norway
  • 1268 km driven
  • -15 lowest temperature
  • 4 sets of much appreciated winter tyres
  • 1 90 second master film
  • 1 30 second cut down

The Brief

The team at Jaguar asked us to produce a film that gave genuine insight into the real life of an EV owner. They wanted to give an authentic snapshot of life with an I-PACE from the point of view of the customer particularly addressing their initial concerns or reservations about buying an EV and how the car has fitted into their everyday life. The film content we were briefed to create was for use on Jaguar’s Global social media platforms.

The Work

The I-PACE owner at the centre of this story is Nina, who lives in Larvik, Norway. Our film crew followed her for a couple of days, going about her normal life and also sat down to chat with about what life is like with an EV. Nina lives in Larvik, but regularly commutes to her office in Oslo which is a 300km round trip and includes a ferry leg across a fjord. She also has a cabin up in the snowy mountains of Geilo which is about 250km from her home. She comfortably does either journey on one charge in her I-PACE and we were lucky enough to go on both journeys with her. Nina spoke to us about the worries she had before buying an EV, on why she chose a Jaguar and on how well it has fitted into her lifestyle. We are very grateful to her for letting us be part of her world for a couple of days.

The Impact

The film was shared via Jaguar’s Global online platforms and social channels and received a lot of positive engagement from viewers and followers. Using a real I-PACE driver to front a social campaign was a new approach for Jaguar and one that proved to be very successful.

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