Holding a mirror up to the all-new Lotus Evija

At a glance

  • 1 solaris yellow hypercar
  • 8 mirrors
  • 6 film edits
  • 26 photographic stills
  • 5 infographics
  • Over 1.5 million video views in first few days

The Brief:

The Evija is an all-new electric hypercar from Lotus. And believe us, it is as head-turningly beautiful as it is heart-stoppingly fast and agile. To fuel excitement for the Evija we were asked to start by celebrating its captivating and aerodynamic design. Lotus have always done things differently so the challenge for us was clear: this work had to bring their maverick, thrill-seeking personality to life in an unexpected way.

The Work:

The Evija has been sculpted with a focus on function and aerodynamics with a symmetry and balance to create an epic driving feel. But it also looks achingly beautiful from every. single. angle.

Ordinarily when we talk about holding a mirror up to something we are talking about revealing flaws – but in this work we reveal the flawless design language of the Evija in painstaking detail. With mirrors surrounding the car it really has nowhere to hide and shows us what design and aerodynamics working together can achieve.

Our theatre of mirrors creates unexpected angles and kaleidoscopic scenes with the Evija at the centre of the world it creates through reflection.

A challenging technical shoot already (with so many mirrors keeping our camera crew out of shot wasn’t easy!) was executed flawlessly and under strict covid-19 precautions in our favourite studio North of London.

The Impact:

From our single studio shoot, Lotus have received a large suite of assets ready to kick off months of Evija storytelling all offering a fresh new look at the car including:

  • Hero films in specific lengths and ratios tailored for use on websites, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • In depth expert interview films
  • Stills to be used for everything from website hero imagery to dealer event invites

Most importantly the audience is enjoying the content and we’ve seen hugely positive feedback in the form of comments and likes across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with great viewing figures in a short space of time.

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