Helping Jaguar launch the new F-TYPE to the global media with a suite of creative content solutions

At a glance

  • 1 design evolution film
  • 1 beautiful details film
  • 8 high quality studio images
  • 2 infographics
  • 1 press kit

The Brief:

When Jaguar announced that it was going to launch a new version of the F-TYPE sports car, they asked us to create a suite of assets that would highlight all the key changes to the new car in an exciting and engaging way.

The Work:

How do you tell the story of the exterior design changes in a simple but creative way? To answer this question, we put the new car and its predecessor into a studio and, using dynamic camera moves, we moved between the two cars to visualise the differences for the audience. At key points, on-screen captions appeared to add detail where required.

There were significant changes inside the new F-TYPE too. So, we created a ‘beautiful details’ film that guided the audience through the updated interior – everything from the monogram stitching to the aluminium-etched buttons on the dashboard.

To complete the suite of assets, we also produced a set of studio images, two detailed infographics and a press kit for the media.

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