Crafting a live launch for Ford’s E-Transit Custom

At a glance

  • 165 media guests
  • 38 LED panels
  • 90-second bespoke music track

The Brief

We were asked by Ford to create an engaging live reveal experience for the embargoed Ford V710 E-Transit Custom. In the process, we were also required to build drama and excitement for Ford’s electric future.

The Work

Destined for a live industry audience, our focus for this reveal was to create impact through sound and light, to create a powerful and immersive experience.

We set about transforming a large warehouse space by building a stage out of LED panels in the shape of a lighting bolt to connect with Ford’s electric messaging. Behind the stage, a LED wall flooded the area with pulsating electric blue light that could seep through smoke and shadows, building anticipation and teasing our audience with what they were about to see.

The room was dark and moody, giving visitors no clue as to how deep the room was. Vertical LED wash beams created an extra layer, distorting the perception of space and obscuring the view from the embargoed E-Transit which sat just behind, ready for its reveal.

The animated pattern went through several rounds of experimentation to perfect it. Visually, the pattern needed to match the E-Transit Custom’s new distinct grill pattern, making the experience completely unique to this model.

We collaborated with sound engineer and composer, James Filippides, to deliver a special composition and a truly “electric” sound for the reveal. The track was completely in time to the visual cues, and as an animated lightning bolt struck across the screens, the room was lit up dramatically revealing the new striking blue E-Transit Custom.

The Impact

Ford’s esteemed guests and members of the audience were entranced and impressed, lingering in the space for over 30 minutes after the show to inspect the new release. The audience came away from the event engaged and excited for Ford’s electric future.

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