ABB ‘accelerates’ into an exciting new world of internal comms

At a glance

  • 1 15-minute master film
  • 10 chapterised edits
  • 1 interactive PowerPoint presentation

The Brief

The automotive division at ABB had a challenge; they wanted to transform the way ABB communicated with its staff separated by location around the world, some working remotely, some in offices but all part of the same global team, by delivering company news in a more engaging and personal way than traditional emails. The solution needed to work across a variety of platforms, including email, SharePoint and ABB’s social media platform, Yammer. It also needed to have a consistent look and feel, yet include enough variety to keep the audience engaged for 15 minutes – and work for different types of content, from industry news and product launches, to new hires and upcoming events.

The Work

We created Accelerate, a quarterly video newsletter that covered all the main stories from around the world.

Accelerate comprises 10 chapters covering introductions to new team members, updates from senior management and external guest speakers – even a quiz and competition – as well as useful industry related knowledge distilled into easy to consume and share infographics.

Given the global nature of the ABB business, each interview is recorded online and then edited with graphics, animations and product footage to make it as engaging as possible.

For each issue, we deliver one master film containing all the chapters, plus 10 individual chapter films, which allows ABB to post individual stories onto Yammer.

The Impact

The automotive newsletter has been a big success at ABB and it’s that video content is starting to play an ever more crucial role in internal communications as well as the overall media landscape. We are already planning the next issue of Accelerate!

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