XJ50 – Celebrating Fifty Years of Jaguar XJ

2018 was the 50th anniversary of the XJ – Jaguar’s prestigious series of full-size luxury saloon cars. The choice of business leaders, celebrities, politicians and royalty for five decades. In order to help Jaguar celebrate this landmark occasion, we created a series of assets that championed the XJ’s heritage and helped launch a new special edition model – the Jaguar XJ50.


It’s not often that you have the opportunity to have a complete series of cars spanning fifty years all under one roof. It’s also not very often that you have a space large enough to fit them all under one roof! Those were our challenges. To look after a priceless collection of automotive history, including the heavily embargoed XJ50, and to ensure we could safely arrange them in formation to capture every angle we needed. And that’s not even mentioning the safeguarding of a precious Series 1 XJ from 1968 which used to belong to the founder of Jaguar, Sir William Lyons.

Through careful planning, a keen eye for detail and a resilient crew we were able to manage a variety of moving parts to ensure the shoot was a success so that an exquisite suite of assets could be created. In total, we photographed ten different XJs from a number of angles all within just three days. We filmed the entire range side-by-side in a line-up, from 1968 through to 2018, in order to create a morph animation that highlights the change in design and technology between each model over the years. We also created a dramatic timeline film that showcases each model in all its glory as well as a teaser film optimised for Instagram. Oh, and don’t forget the beautiful set of posters that detail each XJ and take inspiration from the design trends of each model’s era to complete a timeless set of digital and print assets that celebrate this landmark anniversary – here’s to the next fifty!



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