World-class content for a world-class SUV

Brand new model launches are always a big deal for automotive brands. But when the model launch is a first in the history of the 80-year-old company, with a global audience waiting to be convinced the brand could cut it in the SUV sector, it simply doesn’t get bigger. No pressure.


Global brands only get the chance to launch their product into the world’s limelight once. Years of development, investment, and, frankly, blood, sweat and tears all come down to a critical few weeks where the window of opportunity is open to influence the world’s media, opinion leaders and influencers.

In this case, despite Jaguar’s fantastic reputation in the sports and performance sectors, many journalists and influencers weren’t convinced that Jaguar could pull it off in the growing SUV class.

Our job was to persuade, influence and ensure that at global launch, the Jaguar F-Pace would be received with the respect and admiration it deserved.

We ensured our creativity was built on a clear strategic communications platform – focusing on The Ultimate Performance SUV, whilst ensuring the design heritage of the brand was augmented. To achieve this we created, crafted and produced a series of stunning stories and assets to do justice to the F-Pace over a 3-month activation period right up to the global launch at the Frankfurt Motorshow.

Working closely with Global Jaguar HQ, and a wide range of agency partners handling the launch event itself, we took the final brief, developed the creative platform of assets and then shot, produced and delivered them in a space of three months. As we say, we’re not set-up for quality and speed, we’re built for it…

‘Projects like this define companies and define brands. F-Pace took Jaguar to the next level, our ability and expertise to create strategic, impactful and exquisite content to showcase it to the world, has done the same for us”  

Matt Franey, CEO, Foxtrot Papa



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