Aston Martin

The Ultimate £65M Housewarming

When Britain’s most revered luxury car brand Aston Martin wanted to break the ground on a new factory in St Athan, Wales – their biggest investment in decades – they asked us to help them do it in style. A new factory is an exciting moment for a carmaker, but at the end of the day a factory is still just a factory and so the question Aston Martin posed us was a simple one: how could we help them make a factory film with a difference?


St Athan was, until the day before our shoot, a live air force base and three days after the keys were handed over to Aston Martin, the diggers were due in. That meant our window to create something memorable was tight.

The St Athan car factory will be housed in three giant, connected hangars that were originally home to a squadron of Royal Air Force jets. Each hangar is the size of four football pitches and, thanks to the departing Air Force engineers, they had been turned from humming, frenetic aircraft bays into pristine, cavernous empty chambers: the perfect playground for any self-respecting Aston Martin. The perfect playground for the ultimate, unapproved Aston joyride…

In just two frenetic weeks of pre-production, with the inestimable support of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust, we curated perhaps the greatest collection of Astons ever compiled under one roof. From vintage Astons created at the very start of the 20th century, through to the latest Valkyrie hypercar, the ultimate £65million Aston Martin garage was brought together, ready to be unleashed on the empty St Athan site.

The next question was: who would unleash them? The willing volunteers came in the form of Aston Martin’s professional Le Mans race drivers, Darren Turner and Nicki Thimm, along with the brand’s chief test driver Matt Becker.

But rather than simply hand them the keys, we cast them as three cheeky ‘villains’ sneaking into the Aston site past sleepy security guards – cameos from Welsh international rugby stars – and Aston Martin’s own ‘gatekeeper’, CEO Andy Palmer, to enjoy the ultimate Aston joyride.

Their nefarious activities then see them get behind the wheel of some of the most precious cars ever made and – most importantly to Aston Martin and their fans – driven in the style in which they were meant to be driven: flat out!


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 “The best project I have been involved with in my 14 years at Aston Martin! Thank you Foxtrot Papa.”
Kevin Watters, Senior Communications Manager and project lead

“A decommissioned military base, £65m worth of rare cars and racing drivers. What could possible go wrong? Foxtrot Papa promised a show and delivered us a moment of Aston Martin history.”
Simon Sproule, Vice President and CMO