Land Rover

Celebrating seven decades of success

Gold WinnerThe CMA International Content Marketing Awards, Best Use of Print within a Multi-Media Campaign

It was a huge privilege when Land Rover asked us to produce the official guide to the Defender – the world’s greatest 4×4, a national treasure and a true icon. With nearly 70 years’ worth of images and stories to play with, we quickly realised that the challenge was not what to put in, but what to leave out!


The brief was clear. “The book needs to raise brand awareness by capturing the vehicle’s (and indeed Land Rover’s) original reason for being. It must be informative, impactful and exciting, appealing to both traditionalists and new prospects. It must also whet people’s appetite for the arrival of the new Defender.”

It was obvious. This book had to be refreshingly different. So we focused on people and how the Defender touched their lives. We also wanted readers to feel a sense of the Defender itself, so it needed to be charming, demonstrating purposeful style and design pedigree.

We called it ICON because, well, that’s exactly what it is. Over 204 pages we found space for a foreword written by broadcaster Richard Hammond, our own hand-painted font, 80 original photographs, bespoke illustrations, three different paper stocks and a raft of incredible stories of adventure, sacrifice and loving life with a Defender. Oh, and we ran a bright Pantone orange throughout to give it standout quality and a touch of originality.

Pre-sales of our ICON book sold out within days. And the Land Rover team were delighted: “With ICON, Foxtrot Papa not only demonstrated their world-class publishing skills but also worked tirelessly to find the untold stories that make the legend of the Defender so strong.” Chris Thorp, Global PR Communications at Jaguar Land Rover.

Award-winning ICON

After winning Gold at The CMA International Content Marketing Awards (Best Use of Print within a Multi-Media Campaign), here’s what Dominic Mills, former Campaign editor, had to say about ICON in a round up of the awards night:

“And finally, let us celebrate the classic — in both senses of the word: classic print for a classic car, the Land Rover Defender (Best Use of Print within a Multi-Media Campaign), the last of 2m cars having rolled off the production line in 2017.

Produced by Foxtrot Papa, it’s a limited-circulation, high-price coffee-table book, celebrating the car through owners’ stories. And it’s glorious, to read, look at and touch. Solid, yet silky and luxurious: you just want to keep rolling your hand across the book. And the content’s not bad either, part nostalgia, part celebration. I’m not the slightest bit interested in the car, but I read this and I wanted this book on my table.

It’s a reminder, if we need one, of the enduring power of print and its ability to stir those emotions.”


Gold – The CMA International Content Marketing Awards, Best Use of Print within a Multi-Media Campaign

“This is a great piece of print in every way,” enthused the judges. “It really brings the brand to life and the emotional connection it has with its customers.”