Land Rover

Defenders of the faith

Land Rover’s ‘Year of the Defender’ PR campaign marked the end of a remarkable journey of Defender production, one which ran for nearly 70 years. To celebrate the Defender and reward its loyal fans, Foxtrot Papa were asked to bring that entire journey to life.


At the start of 2015, Land Rover announced that production of its iconic Defender would finish in December of that year. To mark the ‘Year of the Defender’, Land Rover wanted to showcase the iconic car’s rich history and acknowledge its loyal customers with a content campaign that supported a series of events to explain the very special place that Defender has in so many people’s hearts.

All the best stories have truth at their heart. That’s why the first film that we made was so impactful, retelling the genesis of the Land Rover, when its creators literally sketched its outline in the sand on a beach. The film built on that legend… considerably. It culminated in the production of an epic, kilometer-wide sand drawing of the car on the very same beach. It was the perfect launch for the campaign, generating £5.4million of media value from the very start.

Throughout the year, new content was geared towards focusing the media spotlight on Defender, right through to the sale of the last ever car. Our films, which charted the build of the car, then the build-up to the sale, ensured the campaign had a total audience reach of 28 million people across the year, ensuring the Defender would not be forgotten.




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