Jaguar Land Rover

FUTURE-TYPE: The Future of Mobility?

At Tech Fest 2017 – an event that explores the positive role technology is playing in reshaping the automotive industry and beyond – Jaguar Land Rover wanted to share its future vision of transportation by revealing its FUTURE-TYPE concept vehicle as the hero asset of the event. However, making this a reality was no simple matter…


Concepts are difficult to realise because they are ideas not yet tangible or finalised. Not only did we have to manage multiple stakeholder visions and expectations, we had to communicate this vision to the Tech Fest audience in a way that provided a clear enough picture of JLR’s concept, but also demonstrate that this is something that will continue to evolve until it’s forecasted release in 2040.

So, how do you manage this sensitive and high-profile launch project about how a hypothetical vehicle for 2040 and beyond will look and perform when the design is constantly evolving and the technology speculative? More importantly, how do you deliver this fully fledged CG film and accompanying suite of CG images all within a 3-week turnaround period? That was our challenge.

Our project management know-how and flexible working processes were key in enabling quick changes and edits to be made in response to the continually evolving prototype. From initial storyboarding and design development, our automotive expertise helped direct a visual narrative that elegantly showcases Jaguar Land Rover’s future vision of mobility.

Rendering in 6k and 12k, the concept car was brought to life in full CG, using FX detail to cement the vehicle in various environments. A holographic approach, as opposed to a full city scape, was devised as its shorter rendering time allowed for changes to be made quickly which was crucial given the tight turnaround period. It showcases the vehicle moving through a number of locations to help create a realistic virtual environment, allowing the audience to feel they have been taken on a journey. This holographic technique and the lab setting were also chosen to help creatively distinguish this as a hypothetical vision of the future.

As well as being on display to Tech Fest attendees, Jaguar Land Rover’s FUTURE-TYPE concept has been reported across a range of global media outlets encouraging discussion and a wider positive debate about the future of mobility.


  • Film Production
  • CGI
  • Project Management