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Helping (responsible) dreamers do

Responsible Travel is a brand with a purpose. The clue is in the name. But we identified a problem: potential customers assumed it was a brand for the few not the many. Our challenge was to get customers to see things differently.


Responsible Travel was set up with a clear purpose in mind. But changing travel for good, is no mean feat.

Changing travel for good means not only doing the right thing, it means appealing to a wider audience so more people realise that Responsible holidays are not compromised holidays, nor are they holidays just for the environmentally-obsessed.

We helped Responsible Travel identify and remove a clear barrier between the brand and the customer. The barrier was that Responsible Travel (as a name) seemed to carry with it a load of unhelpful associations and baggage. Most of which added up to a sense of ‘nice idea, but probably not for me.’

This needed to change urgently.

We had to position the brand as a positive, mainstream, yet differentiated, company that could appeal to anyone with a sense of adventure who wishes to get closer to the culture they visit. And this is pretty much everyone. We all dream of big adventures and meeting new people in new places.

Our next job was to help find and tell the Responsible Travel story online.

Our solution was a new brand platform – Helping Dreamers Do – which has become a valuable reframing of Responsible Travel’s brand purpose.

Rolled out with a new brand look and feel – from logo to photography style, to visual language and tone of voice – as well as a new website,  the project has resulted in a staggering shift in enquiries of +16%. Given Responsible Travel’s high conversion rate from enquiry, this was the key metric delivered.

“Bloody refreshing – dealing with an agency that listens, collaborates and doesn’t talk bollocks. The work was great and has transformed our business. And they’re not twats.”

Tim Williamson, Director, Responsible Travel



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