Shell / Iris

A global image bank without the global headache

When you’ve got a global network of fuel stations you need a global image bank to market them. We partnered with Shell’s ad agency Iris to find a more nimble production process to give them the content they needed, with more bang for their buck.


How do you produce a global advertising image bank of nearly 250 billboard-quality images and accompanying film content in just three weeks? The answer is simple: planning, planning and more planning.

With every image needing to be tailored to suit the specific requirements of each international market, we knew that everything from the cars we shot, to the clothes our models wore, right down to the mobile phones they used, needed to be perfectly selected, sourced and dressed. And once we were on location there was no time for debate… 240 images and 10 film sequences meant we would be shooting an average of 10 advertising stills and a film per day.

So first up came a series of workshops ran by our senior production team, where every Shell market was led through the programme and given the chance to tell us exactly what was unique to their customers.

The result? We literally doubled the output over Shell’s previous shoot. Have a look the next time you need to fill up…



  • Film production
  • Photography

Key Stats

4 months

from pre-production to delivery





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