Launching the most talked about Jaguar ever

It’s rare that one studio gets the chance to set the style and tone of voice for every asset across an entire launch campaign. But that’s exactly what happened when we met Jaguar to discuss the new E-Pace…


Believe it or not, the brief extended to two words: serious fun. That was the overall theme for the launch campaign and so that was our inspiration for all our content.

We started by creating a bold, colourful and contemporary look utilising a strong red, white and blue colour palette as a nod to Jaguar’s British heritage and one that places the car – and the content – confidently at the centre of an impactful ‘trend-driven’ colour scheme. More than anything, our creative treatment was designed to be fun, modern and flexible.

Then came the now infamous presentation meeting at Jaguar. To say it went well would be an understatement. They loved the strategy and the designs to such a degree that they told us to draw up a visual template – right down to the exact Pantone colours – and send it to every other agency working on the launch. So that meant our look and feel would run across the global premiere, our 80-page ‘press pack’ storybook, launch photography, invitations, the pre-production ‘camo’, media teaser shots, infographics, motor show backdrop and the hero design film – it was even used on the helmet and overalls worn by the stunt driver at the global launch!

We were delighted to have such a leading role and so was the client: “Foxtrot Papa really understood the brief from the start. The creative look and feel they presented just blew us away. It was eye-catching, innovative and those vibrant colours just worked so well. We were so pleased we asked the team to devise a visual template for all the other Jaguar agencies to follow. Great job.”

Carmel Digweed, Global PR Manager, Jaguar Land Rover


60 million PR message contact reach

2.5 million views of the E-Pace launch film

355,000 people visited the E-Pace section of the Jaguar website

22,000 brochures downloaded

896 articles featuring E-Pace reveal content

90% of all comments on social media are positive