A driving stunt that will blow your mind!

At Foxtrot Papa we know that if you can mix emotional storytelling with high-octane action, then you’ve got a pretty unbreakable formula for success. And that’s exactly what happened with our latest ‘Stronger under Pressure’ campaign for Castrol Edge lubricant.


The brief was as simple as it was challenging. After a conversation with the Castrol Edge global brand team, they wanted us to create and produce a powerful, engaging and shareable film featuring two of the world’s most exciting racing drivers around today – Castrol-sponsored Renault F1 driver Nico Hulkenberg and Polish-born drift star Bartek Ostalowski.

At first, we didn’t realise the impact this brief would have, but after a little light research the penny dropped: Bartek is not just any racing driver; he’s the world’s first armless racing driver! After a horrific accident nine years ago he’s somehow learnt how to not just drive with his feet, but do it while sliding around sideways at ridiculously high speeds in Europe’s toughest drift championships! Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

In our epic film both drivers talk candidly about their extraordinary lives and then Nico sets Bartek a seemingly impossible driving challenge. Like all brilliant storytelling, our film elicits a reaction because it’s authentic, it has genuine surprise and it stirs emotions; in short, we made the audience care. And judging by the viewing figures, thousands of you did just that…



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