A Day for Elegance – Royal Ascot 2018

After producing such valuable content for the world famous, 186-year-old luxury watch manufacturer for Royal Ascot in 2017, Longines asked us to create more memorable content for their latest social campaign ‘A Day for Elegance’ at Royal Ascot, 2018. So how could we build on last year’s success?


We filmed well-known fashion and lifestyle influencer sensations Ali Gordon and Lydia Millen as they prepared for ‘A Day for Elegance’ at Royal Ascot. We recorded Ali and Lydia in the comfort of their own home in order to give the film a more personal and natural feel. This enabled us to capture some really beautiful and natural moments between the couple.

Filmed in beautiful light, we had a glimpse into the lives of this influential and on-trend couple as they prepared for the glamorous Longines VIP experience. Once ready, we then filmed the pair getting into a vintage car and being escorted to the elegant venue. The content underscored the values of the brand and subtly showcased the product whilst at the same time allowing the couple’s personalities to shine through.

The film was published during the event to ensure it reached the audience in ‘real time’ when Royal Ascot was being discussed on numerous social media channels. Together with a series of beautiful images at Royal Ascot itself, all the assets were also posted on the influencer’s Instagram accounts to capitalise on their huge following.



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