Jaguar Land Rover – Tech Fest

Tech Fest 2017 is a celebration of mobility technology. How it impacts our lives and what it might look like in the years to come.
This year, it showcased a number of Jaguar Land Rover projects which perfectly show their aptitude for innovation and more specifically how their tech should - and will - have a positive social impact. Tech for good!

Land Rover’s ‘Project Hero’ was a Special Vehicle Operations initiative which developed World first drone technology for the purpose of aiding The International Red Cross with their Search and Rescue services.

It saw a drone autonomously launching from and landing on a specially designed Land Rover Sport.

The ‘Waste to Wave’ project is part of Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to becoming a zero waste company.

When Jaguar Land Rover create a concept car they make a life-size plastic and clay model.

This plastic cannot currently be recycled.

Jaguar Land Rover have partnered with Skunkworks, a recycled surfboard company to create the first prototype pro surfboard from this material. They think it may even be the best they’ve ever made!

FUTURE-TYPE is a vision for mobility in 2040 and beyond.

Like you can hail an Uber from your phone, FUTURE-TYPE cars will be the premium Jaguar equivalent which you summon from a steering wheel called ‘Sayer’.

‘Sayer’ is a voice activated device that lives in your home and helps you with hundreds of your day to day tasks. In the future it will be the only part of the car you own!

The FUTURE-TYPE is fully electric and can autonomously drive and your passengers.

It has a function called Orbit which allows you to be as digitally immersed as you want to be or switch to ‘digital detox.’

Tech Fest

Jaguar Land Rover have committed that all of their vehicles will be at least in part electric by 2020.

To celebrate this they will have 3 vehicles on show at Tech Fest.

1) An electric E-Type – old world meets new world.

2) The I-PACE. Jaguar’s latest hybrid on the market.

3) The FUTURE-TYPE – their vision for future mobility


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