Jaguar Land Rover achieves record sales in 2017

In my second automotive update, I take a look at how Jaguar Land Rover achieved record sales in 2017 - a very impressive feat given the current climate of the automotive market...

For JLR, the UK’s largest car manufacturer, 2017 was a massive success. Worldwide, Jaguar Land Rover sold 621,109 vehicles, a 7% increase over 2016 and the best full-year ever for global sales.

Looking closer at the figures, Jaguar has experienced an amazing 20% increase in sales, retailing a total of 178,601 vehicles. This was the brand’s strongest ever full-year performance and was driven by sales of the Jaguar F-PACE, XE and XF, including the all-new XF Sportbrake.

Land Rover sold a record 442,508 vehicles in 2017, up 2% on 2016. The Discovery Sport was the best selling model, with sales reaching 126,078. The Range Rover Evoque and Range Sport achieved sales in excess of 190,000 vehicles in the same period.

Despite challenging conditions in some markets, JLR’s products clearly remain in-demand, with 80% of sales being exported – which is encouraging for forthcoming models such as the Jaguar E-PACE, and all-electric I-PACE. There may be tougher times ahead, however, especially in the UK, where consumer confidence and the government’s demonisation of diesel-engined cars continues to affect sales. For now, though, Jaguar Land Rover should be proud of these results and, with their commitment to making only electric or hybrid cars from 2020, the automotive brand has the foundations in place to carry on going from strength to strength.

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