Why insights are king in content marketing

Many marketers live by the expression that "content is king". But whilst content is vital in the modern marketing mix, it's real insight that makes the difference.

Content is very important in marketing and is favored by search engines. However, content is a lot less effective without the correct setting. If the content does not appeal to a target audience, it will lose impact on delivery. In the expanding world of marketing it is clear that content is vital, but it’s real insight that makes the difference.

Insights take the crown for many reasons in content marketing. Insights can help you determine who your audience is and what appeals to them. The context of content is important as it helps you understand the setting in which the content is created for. There are many vital insights to consider in content marketing.

Demographics such as age, location and income can help you produce content for your audience. By using insight data, you are able to produce content in a way that appeals to your market. You may decide to write an article for existing customers and target them via email. You can use insights such as transactional history to determine how much your customers spend, and how often. Insights are useful in content marketing for E-Commerce as they aid the delivery of the content. This content can be written to appeal to potential customers to purchase an item that – you know – they already have an interest in.

Timing in content marketing is essential and you can use insights to determine the best time to release your content to the public. You may use social media to distribute your content out to your followers. You can use social insights to discover the most active times for your followers and then push content during these times for a higher rate of organic growth. You can then use engagement rates to measure the effectiveness of your content. Over time, you can collect data to help you understand your audience and therefore produce a more effective content marketing strategy based upon your market.

In regards to SEO, keyword research is important as it can help you discover what search terms are popular in your industry. You can then use these keywords to inform the basis of your content to pull in extra organic traffic.

Customer-buying journeys are a useful insight in content marketing, particularly in regards to E-Commerce. This data can help you understand which stage of a purchase cycle a customer is in, therefore allowing you to publish content reflecting this. A customer signed up to a product trial indicates that they have shown an interest in that product, for example. Pushing content with the intent to convert this interest into a purchase would be most effective at this stage.

Pushing content that promotes the purchase of a previously bought item would not be effective for a converted customer. Instead you could use this opportunity to push informative content on how to maintain or get the best use out of that product.

Wider context in content marketing is just as important. It is wise to consider insights and other factors such as culture, media and the economy. These together can contribute to the success of effective content delivery.

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