Ford Focus RS Limited Red Edition

Hello! And welcome to a new feature on the Foxtrot Papa website. From now on, I will be using my knowledge of all things automotive to provide updates and comments on the current goings on within the automotive industry. To kick things off, I will discuss how Ford went festive in late 2017 with a limited run Focus RS Red Edition.

With production of the Ford Focus RS nearing its end, Ford announced that the top-spec RS Edition model will be available in festive Race Red, just in time for Christmas. Only 300 RS Red Editions will be built, ensuring it has even greater appeal among Ford enthusiasts.

Launched in September 2017, the performance driver-focused RS Edition features a new Quaife limited-slip differential (LSD) to more effectively deliver torque to the front axle, which, according to Ford, “delivers greater mechanical stability and control when braking hard, and will help drivers set the car up for power-slides using Drift Mode”. In addition, the Red Edition features grey brake callipers behind black-cast alloy wheels and the RS Edition’s trademark contrasting black roof, door mirrors and rear spoiler.

This is yet another example of automotive brands edging closer towards providing an ever greater degree of personalisation. Whilst personalisation is not a new concept to the automotive industry, expect it to become a key battleground for marketing cars in the future, especially in an increasingly on-demand and inter-connected world.

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