Five social media insights you can’t ignore

Social insights are a great way to improve your social media strategy and maximise the growth of your business. Social insights provide hints to help you steer your social media plan in the right direction.

In this article, we highlight five social media insights that you can’t ignore. These social insights can help you understand your target market and their preferences.

Engagement rates

Engagement rates measure the rate at which social users interacted with your social posts. Some posts will naturally yield a higher engagement rate and engagement rates may differ between social platforms. Social behavior is different on Twitter than it is on Facebook, for example. Twitter users are more likely to retweet a post than a Facebook user is to share it. You should expect a higher rate of engagement in this instance.

You can use Facebook or Twitter analytics to measure your engagement rate. If you are experiencing a low rate of engagement, you can assume that there is a problem with your post. Maybe you are not making full use of hash tags, or the post does not appeal to your target audience. Engagement rates are a good way of telling when something is right or wrong with your strategy.

Target audience hash tags

To gain a deeper understanding of your target audience, we recommend that you research your market. A good social insight is to see what hash tags people in your industry are using. If a hash tag has a rise of popularity, you can use it to “ride the buzz” and create your own hype. This way you remain relevant to the hash tag whilst expanding to a wider audience.

Impressions and reach

Impressions indicate the amount of times that a post has been seen. Impressions are referred to as “reach” on Facebook. Post reach or post impressions can provide helpful insights to aid your social media plan. Low impressions can indicate a number of things. It may mean that your timing is off, therefore not many people had seen the post. This data combined with engagement rates is very handy. A post with a higher engagement rate will naturally appear in more feeds, therefore improving the amount of impressions. Test between social platforms to determine what platform yields you the most impressions. On average, Facebook has a lower reach in comparison to Twitter for unpaid / non-boosted posts,

Growth measurement

Facebook and Twitter, as well as other social platforms include analytic tools to help you measure your growth. Create social campaigns and compare results to see how effective they were for growth. Facebook lets you know exactly where a new page like came from, whether it be a sponsored story or an ad.

Device data

Are you taking user device into consideration when creating a campaign? Facebook and twitter insights allow you to see how well a post is performing per device. Use this data to your advantage. Discover when people are using their phones and when they are on desktop. Tailor your campaigns to be suited per device at the most effective times to maximise growth.

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