CES 2018 – Some Thoughts From The Show…

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the global stage where next generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace, is currently happening in Las Vegas. This year, the show has provided further evidence that automotive brands are edging closer towards providing an ever greater degree of personalisation, especially in an increasingly on-demand and inter-connected world.

The driving experience is, ultimately, a personal one – some drivers want information about their route whilst others are more concerned with what they will be doing once they arrive at their destination. Thus the ability to personalise your style of car, as has already been discussed by our resident automotive expert George Chapman, as well as the driving experience you have could prove revolutionary. For example, as new technologies increasingly make their way ‘in-car’, such as Toyota and Lexus’ announcement at The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018) whereby their newest infotainment systems will have Amazon’s Alexa’s capabilities integrated, drivers will no longer have to seek out journey insight for themselves. They will have their very own in-car personal assistants do that instead! These AI infotainment systems, who have both a deep understanding of the driver and the vehicle itself, will have the ability to meet any driver’s individual needs, therefore, transforming the in-car experience as we know it.

So, automotive brands, take note – the customers of tomorrow will not only expect to be able to personalise their style of car much in the same way they can personalise their own pair of Nike trainers, but on a much deeper level, there will be an expectation for an increasingly personalised in-car experience too.

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