Internal Communications

Internal communications often gets a bad rep as the job no-one wants to do which we think is unfair. Your team is your most important asset and keeping them informed about what’s going on in your business is just step one in making them feel like a valued part of the company. We like to look for opportunities to engage with internal team members as much as possible and create meaningful dialogue. We also like to look for where we can have some fun and put smiles on faces because that’s important too!

Sometimes stories can be told in beautiful and fun ways. Our work with Lotus on their internal magazine US LOT has gone through 6 editions to date and each is a collectors item. Beautifully designed, packed with updates from across the business, stories from team members throughout the company and thoughts and visions for the future the magazines have become hugely anticipated within Lotus and the US LOT moniker has gone on to be adopted far and wide for internal communications purposes.

We also try to engage whenever possible – our recent work with Ford on their events has always incorporated an opportunity to create dedicated content to be shared with the wider business. The goal is to try and communicate as much of the experience of the event as possible through digital content, whether that be with live streams, recorded pieces to camera or even bringing employees on the journey by having them attend dedicated sessions.

For ABB we’ve tried to push the boundaries of what’s possible with Internal Communications. Utilising video based newsletters, podcasts and assets designed for Yammer we’ve supported ABB in bringing together teams spread across the globe.

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