Fast News Friday #93

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Welcome to another edition of Fast News Friday, brought to you by Foxtrot Papa. This week, we’ve got details of the refreshed Porsche Taycan complete with retro paint options, a thrilling car-sim trailer from Forza and details of Hyundai’s latest hydrogen-based products and technologies.

2022 Porsche Taycan updated

Die-hard Porsche fans will no doubt recognise some of the new paint colour options that make up the updates to the brand’s Taycan all-electric car. There are no styling changes as part of the update but Porsche is offering an additional 65 colours to the standard 17-strong palette, including heritage colours such as Rubystar Red and Riviera blue, which often appeared on limited edition RS models from the 1990s. Just check out those stunning press pictures! The revised Taycan features the latest technology updates to improve range and charging capability, and is also now available with Remote Park Assist system, which allows the user to park the Taycan using a smartphone app, without a driver on board.

Forza Horizon 5 trailer

Are you sitting comfortably? Because as trailers go for car racing games, this 8-minute epic from the makers of Forza Horizon 5 takes some beating. Due to be released on 9 November, the latest iteration of the world conquering car simulator sees users plunge out the back of a C-130 Hercules aeroplane and into a series of on- and off-road challenges. Other automotive highlights include a Safari 911 and a Mercedes AMG One. If only life was that exciting!

Hyundai Teases Hydrogen Sports Car As Part Of ‘Hydrogen Wave’ Forum

Hyundai plans to announce a series of hydrogen-based products and technologies next month – and they include a new track-focused performance saloon.The Korean firm says its Hydrogen Wave online event on 7 September will showcase plans for a “future vision of a sustainable hydrogen society”. Hyundai also says: “State-of-the-art future fuel cell electric vehicles – as well as other innovative applications – will be unveiled during the forum.” The brand released a trio of teasers on YouTube to promote its Hydrogen Wave forum – helpfully linked here by Motor1. Hyundai says the forum will discuss and explore a sustainable hydrogen society for the future, while also offering “revealing insight” into Hyundai’s specific ideas… with at least one of those being a sports, performance or even a race car.

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