Fast News Friday #76

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In this week’s episode of Fast News Friday, we find out more about the new social media chat platform, Clubhouse, enjoy a summer-inspired illustration shared by Porsche and sit back and watch a whole series of ambitious YouTube films from Ford – featuring the new Mustang Mach-E. Enjoy!

ClubHouse in the house!

We’re not sure if you’re in the same situation as we are, but in the last month, we’ve heard more and more people raving about the new social media platform, ClubHouse. Some of you might have already joined and some may still be trying to justify having 4/5 social media apps on your phone that you don’t fully utilise. The Drum’s Samuel Scott gives an overview of the new app/platform that’s very interesting both from a marketer’s POV, but also from a regular user. According to Scott, “Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio chat platform based on the use of public and private ‘rooms’. Anyone with an iPhone can sign up for the waiting list. People already using Clubhouse can approve their personal contacts in the queue to join.” Either way, it feels like it might be about time for a disruptive contender in the world of social media.

Porsche collaborates with artist B.A.V.Z.

Porsche tweeted a fantastic animated illustration of its Macan SUV that caught our eye today, a piece created by talented artist, BAVZ. Making us dream of summer road trips and automotive adventures – experiences that are hopefully not too far away in the future – the artist doesn’t just draw Stuttgart’s finest; many other largely German-made models can be found in prints available from BAVZ’s online store and Instagram profile.

Car sales could boom after lockdown, according to new data

Are you planning to stay away from public transport and buy a car once the lockdown is over? If so, both new and used car sales could experience a surge this summer. According to data compiled by BuyaCar, 86.4% of car owners the car broker surveyed said they intend to only use their own vehicle for post-lockdown journeys, with only 4.4% stating they will use public transport. A total of 9.2% were undecided. Christofer Lloyd, editor of Buyacar, commented: “Last year, we saw the release of massive pent-up demand at the end of the first lockdown, but our latest research suggests that demand will be even higher this year. This is because many people are now explicitly stating that they would prefer to use their cars when restrictions are eased, rather than other modes of travel, as the simplest way to ensure effective social distancing.”

McLaren Artura revealed

This week saw the reveal of the new McLaren Artura supercar. Although familiar looking on the outside, McLaren was quick to remind viewers of the digital launch that the new model is in fact, all new. The content produced for the launch was also first class, perhaps even setting the bar for the now de-rigueur digital reveal. Hosted on its very own microsite, the reveal consisted of a slick global reveal film shot at night at the McLaren Technical Centre and a series of action films, deep dive sessions and interview Q&As. We struggled to find fault with the entire event and would like to commend the team behind it. The Artura itself, with its V6 hybrid power plant, is also mightily impressive.

Ford – Mustang Mach-E v Everything

Ford released an impressive set of films this week surrounding the new Mustang Mach-E. The series sees the Mach-E take on a wide range of mad-cap challenges and races featuring opponents including rockets and NASCAR pit crews… ‘everything’, basically. Each film uses a dramatic and clever hook in order to demonstrate the Mach-E’s range of impressive product messages. The films have a playful and techy feel that seems to suit the car’s personality. Entertaining, informative and education. Job well done, we say.

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